You just purchased a new cell phone. But what to do with your old one? Several electronic buyback sites promise to pay top dollar, but your BBB brings news from the Federal Trade Commission (FTC) that they don’t always follow through.

In a blog post dated October 11, 2016, the FTC announced it filed a lawsuit against Laptop & Desktop Repair which operated the following electronics buyback websites:,,,, and

According to thousands of consumer complaints to FTC and other consumer protection agencies, the company “gave customers online quotes and promised they’d pay the quoted amount after getting the devices.” However, after customers sent their old devices, the company dropped the offer to as little as 3% of the quoted price.

In addition, the company only gave customers a window of three to five days to reject its offer. The catch was that the window included weekends, but the company was closed on weekends! The company wouldn’t respond to customers’ emails. If customers called, the company hung up on them or put them on hold for a long time. If consumers finally reached a company representative, they were told that their devices had already been processed.

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