If you love the outdoors and you're always looking for your next adventure we found it located all on one Southern Indiana Farm.

Angel here and if you know my husband Joe at all you know he is all about deer hunting, walking in the woods, and shooting his bow.   He was scrolling the internet the other night and found "The Sporting Club at the Farm" and said, "baby we have to go visit this place on our next overnight date!"

We both share a love of shooting guns.  I know it is a totally scary thought of someone allowing me to have a gun but honestly, I am a good shot.  I competed in Corporate Challenge when I worked for the City of Owensboro and placed 3rd in Skeet and I had only shot a gun one time.  It's exhilarating and so much fun.

Owners Bobby Brooks III and Jack G. Koetter have special ties to the farm and a great love for the outdoors and wanted to share it with others.  The farm is over 740 acres of outdoor activities sitting along the Ohio River just about an hour and a half northeast of Owensboro.

In a time such as the pandemic, this place seems like it would be perfect to get out and really experience nature.  Their goal to make it a great family experience.  There are miles of hiking trails, canoeing, archery, fishing, and camping coming soon.

Camping is the perfect addition to the farm.  Joe and I were talking and said you could literally make a weekend out of it if you could stay on the farm.

I think my favorite activity they offer is Axe Throwing.  I have never done this in a deliberate manner or with an ax but I have thrown a few things in my life and it really relieved some stress.

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Angel's First Time Hunting

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