This light, bubbly caffeinated water has been sold online for a few years, but now we can purchase it locally. It's called PHOCUS, and it was invented out of necessity.

John Mittle had the idea for caffeinated water when he was in medical school at U of L. He was tired of regular soft drinks, but he needed a little boost. After choosing water, he wondered why no one had made water with caffeine in it. From that, PHOCUS was born.

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It's important to note that there are no sweeteners, no calories and no sugar in each flavor. It's also Vegan, Gluten Free and Kosher. What really sets this drink apart from regular caffeinated drinks, is the amino acid L-theanine. It occurs naturally in green and black teas. Turns out, when you mix L-theanine with caffeine, it gives you a boost without the jitters - Yay science.

PHOCUS LABEL Photo: Liberty

PHOCUS is made in Louisville, KY and comes in a variety of flavors including: Blood Orange, Natural, Peach, Cucumber, Yuzu & Lime and Grapefruit. I found these flavors, along with a variety pack at Fresh Thyme Market in Evansville.