Want to spend the night in Dracula's Castle in Transylvania? It sounds crazy, but there's an Airbnb contest and the prize is a one-night stay on Halloween night at the castle in Romania. Sign me up!

Why yes, those are coffins for beds. Here's the kicker, besides the essentials (towels, soap, toilet paper) and breakfast will be provided, there are no other amenities. I would have to tap out because that means no heating and no indoor fireplace. Seriously? What's a creepy castle like without a fireplace? I assume there's no electricity because no TV, internet, oh right, NO HEAT! Just in case you were wondering, this castle is where Vlad the Impaler was imprisoned. He's the guy who writer Bram Stoker based the Dracula character. Stoker's great-grand nephew Dacre will be your host for the Airbnb sleepover, sounds legit.

Now here's the other interesting hitch. Entrants must submit an "artistic or creative story", between 50-500 words explaining what you would say to Count Dracula if you met him in the castle. Allow me to take this one.

"Hey Count! Whoa, don't lean in too close. You know, I was thinking, this place needs something. I can't quite figure it out, oh yeah, EVERYTHING! You need a Linked In profile, maybe a Facebook page. But not Snapchat, you can't take selfies. Oh wait, you can't take any pictures. I think the no electricity thing is working for you. Which coffin should I take?"

Honestly, I think I would feel more comfortable staying with Count Floyd.