With a third of the current Kentucky Legislative Session behind us, State Representative Tommy Thompson says it is time to end the bickering over redistricting and get to work.


Thompson, a guest this morning on the Joe Lowe Morning show seemed to be frusterated with the inability to get things moving forward during the first month of the current session. Representative Jim Glenn was also scheduled to be on the air this morning but had  a scheduling conflict.

Thompson cited Education, Jobs and methamphetmine as a few of the major topics facing the Kentucky House and Senate. The budget is another big item up for debate. Thompson said while he understands the need to fight drug abuse he is not in favor of requiring already overtaxed and underpaid workers to get a doctors prescription just to get over the counter cold medications.

As for education Thompson said he is hearing from voters who want to get a better education but dont have the funds. Thompson said he wants to find a way to provide education above high school for all who want it.

We have posted the full interview for you and encourage you to tune into the Joe Lowe Morning Show every Tuesday and Thursday at 7:20 a.m.  for interviews with Thompson as well as State Representative Jim Glenn.

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