Brett Keisel's beard is more than just a pile of facial hair, according to the Pittsburgh Steelers defensive end.

"It's become a part of me, it really has," he said to Armen Williams when he caught up with him on radio row in New York City during Super Bowl week. "It's become a bigger personality than myself."

"I'm just a carrier, I'm just a transporter."

Keisel was given the opportunity to attend Super Bowl week events because of his beard. He's been down at radio row as the official correspondent for Head & Shoulders shampoo. Only, he uses the product himself all over his body.

"I'm so hairy that I use it as body wash," he said.

Armen asked the two-time Super Bowl champion if his beard has been protecting him from the polar vortex and extremely cold temperatures plaguing the northeast this month.

"It's very beneficial to have this mane on my face," he said.

Keisel also chimed in about player safety, how he thinks the Super Bowl will end up and whether Michael Strahan deserves to be in the Football Hall of Fame. Listen to the full interview here:

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