You've heard of high-speed police chases on the news, those are nothing new. However, police officers in Indiana just went on the opposite of that in a very unusual way.

Typically on the news or on social media, you will see stories about a "Florida man" doing something insane and getting arrested. It's not often that you hear stories about an "Indiana man" getting arrested for something, but when you do, you can bet that it will surely be interesting and unusual. Well, an Indiana man was recently arrested for doing just that...

Last week, police in Richmond, Indiana responded to reports of someone driving heavy machinery recklessly. According to WHIO, when police arrived, they discovered Sammy H. Allen, 54 of Richmond, driving a stolen street sweeper. Reports state that Allen was swerving at people as if he were intentionally trying to hit them and driving through residential yards. WHIO also says that there were reports that he struck other vehicles, but police could not locate any damaged vehicles in the area. When Allen saw the police moving in, he decided to do something that probably wasn't his best idea.

Allen took police on a slow chase with speeds of only around 10 to 15 miles per hour. Could you imagine watching that police chase on the news? The most boring and uneventful police chase ever. WHIO says that at one point, police deployed spike strips to stop the street sweeper, but because of the slow speeds that it was traveling, they were mostly unsuccessful.

Eventually, Allen drove the street sweeper into the river near Veterans Memorial Park. However, the slow-speed chase did not end there...Allen then tried to flee on foot. It wasn't long before  Allen was apprehended by the police, with the help of a canine,  at that time and transported to a local hospital for injuries to his arm and face from his apprehension.

According to WHIO, the police department is requesting multiple charges including vehicle theft, resisting law enforcement, leaving the scene of an accident, and reckless driving.

The moral to this story is this: Don't steal any vehicles (especially a slow-moving street sweeper), lead the police on a car chase, and try to outrun a trained canine. It never works out for you in the end.



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