It's an age-old problem that has baffled us for years. Where do our missing socks go? Most of us blame the dryer as the sock stealing villain. But no, it might just be your washer.

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My husband made an incredible discovery while doing our laundry last week.

I know, it blew my mind, too. My husband couldn't believe it, either. I'm not sure why we didn't think of this hiding place. I guess we really never knew it existed.

But, what about top load washers? And, dryers? Are they still on the list of possible culprets?

According to,

When the washer spins your clothes, sometimes smaller items (like your bras <a href="">or funky socks</a>) can get wedged behind the laundry drum. To check for hidden socks here, pull back on the seal between the machine and the drum and spin the drum around and around. You might be able to see if there’s something wedged in there. If your lint trap is located in the front of the dryer, pull it out and check to see if any socks have migrated into the space below. Always unplug your machines before pulling anything out of them!

What is the probability of your socks disappearing? Well, took the time to figure it out. LOL

The answers can be found in the ‘Sock Loss Index’. According to this formula, factors such as positivity towards laundry play as much of a role as the quantity of fabric being washed. You can use the ‘Sock Loss Index Calculator’ to work out how many socks you will lose in the future. The formula is:

(L(p x f) + C(t x s)) - (P x A)

  • L stands for laundry size (number of people in household x frequency of washes)
  • C represents washing complexity (types of washes (e.g. black, white) x number of socks)
  • P is positivity towards doing laundry (from ‘I hate it to ‘I love it)
  • A stands for the degree of attention, so the number of precautions taken before a laundry (such as checking trouser pockets or unrolling socks)

Calculate your sock loss now! Do you lose more socks than average?

Any other age-old questions you need me to solve? Just let me know!

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