Boulware Mission

Outreach, Aid the Homeless Fundraiser a Big Success
You took the “Text-a-thon” Challenge and came through in a big way. The proceeds will benefit shelters in our community who need it the most. Thank you for all who gave so generously and supported the cause. We are ready to reveal the tote board!
Aid The Homeless Textathon: Spotlight on Crossroads
Crossroads Women & Children's Homeless Shelter gives families the support that they need to get back on their feet during difficult times. This Friday, WBKR is teaming up with the Greater Owensboro Realtor Association and Kentucky Legend to help area shelters like Crossroads. Here's ho…
Daughter on a Mission for JESUS (Shaped by FAITH)
My guest this week is, Lori Cassidy, the Admissions Coordinator at Boulware Mission where she was once a resident. I cannot wait for our listeners to hear Lori’s story of how God has become the central focus of her life in everything she does...

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