This Illinois driver must've really had somewhere to go because the police clocked him going over 100 mph.

What's The Fastest You've Ever Driven A Car?

Have you ever been driving along on the highway at a pretty good clip? Maybe, going around 85. Then a car flies by you. I immediately try to figure out how fast they're going. Back in the day, I was a passenger in a vehicle going around 100 mph. Personally, I will keep the cruise set at the most 80. I can't afford a ticket.

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Illinois Man Arrested For Driving Over 100 MPH

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The incident occurred in Pleasant Prairie, Wisconsin around the area of Sheridan Road and 104th Street. It was at night around 10 pm. The local police spotted the suspect's car flying by. It was clocked at over 100 mph. The officers describe the situation as a high-risk traffic stop. Luckily, they didn't have to worry long about what was going to happen.

Pleasant Prairie Police arrested a 20-year-old Illinois man after he reportedly drove a vehicle at speeds as high as 100 mph on Sheridan Road near 104th Street Wednesday night.

Just as fast as the police pursuit started, the chase suddenly ended with the driver slowing down and then coming to a complete stop. He hit something in the road and since the vehicle was traveling at such a high rate of speed, the tire popped. The suspect was taken into custody. There was also a passenger but he was released.

The incident occurred just before 10 p.m. and ended moments later when the vehicle slowed apparently from damage the tire incurred after striking something in the road and came to a stop, according to Sgt. Derek Andrews of the Pleasant Prairie Police Department.

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