The Hilarious Reason I Graduated Last In My Class
Angel here and this week we celebrate our local graduates.  I'd like to share a story from my own graduation and how I ended up in the very back of the line.
My last name started with a B by the way just so you have a point of reference.  I ...
The soundtrack of your school years is timeless, at least it always was for me. I decided to take a look back at what country songs were topping the charts during my graduation years.
Kids today, geez! Well, this incident has bigger ramifications and reactions than just your average "person/kid looking down at phone" story. Though she has not been identified as of this writing, this West Point cadet has a lot of explaining to do after she was caught on video looking dow…
Hager Pre-School Graduation Day
For the 117 5 year old students at Hager Pre-School in Owensboro Tuesday May 24, 2011 was a big day. It was the first of what, hopefully, will be many graduation days in their lives. The next stepfor these students is Kindergarten then Elementary School, High School and College or Technical School. …