Angel here and this week we celebrate our local graduates.  I'd like to share a story from my own graduation and how I ended up in the very back of the line.

My last name started with a B by the way just so you have a point of reference.  I think I got senioritis right after Spring Break and I was kind of ready to set sail.  Graduation week came and our class 98' (super awesome and fun) had tons of different events planned each day.  My best friend, Robin McLimore (now Ebelhar), and I made it a habit to show up fashionably late to each one.  Which wasn't a big deal until graduation practice day.

I remember it well.  Mr. Scott Hawkins (who took his job quite seriously) told all of us that if we were even one minute or one name late to graduation practice we would go to the back of the line.  I've always been one to test the waters in life and unintentionally decided to try Mr. Hawkins that day.

Robin and I were diligent about being on time that day.  We woke up early and got ready and on our way we got a hankering for a Sonic slushy.  We knew we would be at the Sportscenter for a hot minute so we pulled in.  To no fault of our own they were EXTRA slow that day and it literally took forever.  We were graduating and didn't have a care in the world right?!  "Mr. Hawkins surely won't make me go to the back" or will he I thought.

Robin sped down Frederica in her cute little Eclipse we whipped into a parking space and ran in the back double doors just in time to hear the person directly after me in our class' name called.  Everyone (who got there on time) turned around and I went sprinting to the front to sit down.  Good Ole' Mr. Hawkins kindly reminded me of what he told ALL of us and escorted me to my seat in the back as snickers and giggles rang out.  I don't normally embarrass easy but I was upset I wanted to be in front, I know you are surprised.  I freaked out for about a minute then I buddied up to the crew in the back row which included letters Y and Z and all those students who had discipline issues.  Let me tell you this was a fun group.  We laughed, reminisced and I realized at that moment most things in life you just have to take in and roll with.  When it was finally my time to get my diploma it went something like this "Ben Zuerner....Ronnie Angel Ballard"  LOL!

Honestly, I wasn't going to let that ruin one of the most special and important nights of my life.  It's made for a good laugh around graduation time and my boys think it's hilarious.  Now I wouldn't suggest you do this but I survived and so will you.


My life has been full of late to graduation, walk the back of the line stories and I have just had to learn to take each one and deal with it accordingly.  None of them were make or break moments.  They've each molded and shaped this fun-loving girl who finds a way to make lemonade out of life's lemons more often than not.  Learn to laugh at yourself.

Best wishes and may you be blessed in all you do~

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