Where Do Kentucky Teachers Rank?
As a former educator, I don't think any dollar amount is enough for the hours worked, the sacrifice made my teachers and all they put into the job. Recently, Business.org released an article ranking teacher salaries in the U.S. and this is how Kentucky ranked-->
Ohio Co Middle School Students Inspire Teachers [VIDEO]
I love this for a couple of reasons. This is where I went to middle school. I probably spent more time there than any other school since my Dad taught there for many decades. Despite everything happening in our state over teachers, it's good to see this project.
Shaped by Faith . . . and School
It's that time of the year again and it seems like the Summer has gone by way too fast! The older I get, time seems to be speeding up for some reason. Jennifer Owens is an educator and was an elementary school teacher for 32 years. She shares her passion of teaching and the difference a teacher…