All winter long, we've been experiencing above average temperatures WAY more than average or below average temperatures. The winter haters have enjoyed something of a seventh heaven.
The January 3rd, 2000 Tornado
I remember January 3rd, 2000 very well.  It was a holiday here at WBKR studios and I had worked for a couple of hours early that morning.  By that afternoon, it was sunny.  Our temperatures were hovering near 80 degrees and I was ready for a big afternoon nap.  That nap was cut short.  Cut short by blaring emergency alert sirens ringing through Owensboro-Daviess County.  I jumped out of bed and he
Tornado Drill In Indiana Today
This week is "Severe Weather Preparedness Week" in the state of Indiana. There will be two Tornado drills today....One between 9-9:30am and one between 6:30-6:45pm To make sure you are prepared check out this SITE

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