Kevin Feldpausch grew up in Tell City, Indiana. Like many of us with roots in Tell City, Kevin has roots that extend nearby in the tiny town of Troy.  Kevin says, "Growing up, I was always there."  Fun fact, I was there a lot too.  That's where my great grandparents, Ethel and Irvin Lindauer, lived.  They lived on Walnut Street and I have relatives that still live there. So, does Kevin.

As a matter of fact, in the work he has completed on his model town, you'll see his grandparents' house.  Kevin says his mom and her eight siblings were raised there and a train ran right through their backyard.  It's that proximity that eventually led to Kevin's love of trains, which you'll see on full display in his replica of Troy.

That replica is an impressive work in progress. Kevin set out on his mission to create a model version of Troy a couple of years.  He wanted his grandparents' home to be the main focus of the project, but he also wanted to include St. Pius Church, some surrounding homes and past buildings like "the old factory across the street and a gas station."

A couple of days ago, on his Facebook page, Kevin shared a video tour of the work he has completed thus far in bringing Troy to life. If you've ever been to Troy, you will love this.  It brings back instant memories.

Kevin says, "The final vision is to create Troy's main road and buildings as I remember it as a kid." As a fellow "Troy" kid, I can't wait to see the finished product.

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