Exciting news for anyone who loves adventure.  Tell City is home to a brand new Scenic Railway System.  The Ohio River Scenic Railway System is up and running and ready to take you on a ride.

The company is owned by railroad professionals and preservationists from the Indianapolis area who want to develop world-class railroad operations throughout the state of Indiana and across the nation. The railway system organizers were able to meet with the right people interested in developing a positive partnership with the town of Tell City to allow a year-round scenic train ride to be established.

According to the railway personnel when I spoke with them they said;

The Ohio River Scenic Railway hopes to become an anchor for tourism and economic development throughout Perry and Spencer counties. Our train rides will be focused on providing different themed train rides and events so that passengers who visit us more than once will have a unique experience each time they come. We look forward to a long and exciting partnership with the local communities that can really grow Southern Indiana on the map of regional tourism.

They are currently planning for their very first train ride down the tracks.  It is perfectly named the "Cabin Fever Express" and will leave the station on Saturday, June 20.  Tickets range from $12-$35.  There are four different dates you can ride.

Here are the changes they will be implementing as a precaution during this COVID-19 period;

*Please Note*
Due to the COVID19 pandemic we are implementing the following changes to our operations in accordance with CDC, state, and local health agency guidelines and best practices:

50% CAPACITY JUNE 20 - JULY3: in accordance with Governor Holcomb's "Back on Track" reopening plan, we will be limiting ticket sales capacity for each of our trains to 50% of the maximum occupancy, on all rides occurring from June 20 - July 3.

INTERIOR SANITIZATION: Liquid sanitizing equipment will be utilized to disinfect the interior of the train and all high-contact surfaces, between each train ride.

EXTENDED LAYOVER TIMES: Original train departure schedules have been altered to allow for additional layover time between trips to allow for adequate time to sanitize the interior of the train. (Unfortunately, this means we had to reduce the overall number of departures we offer each day, but our highest priority is the health and safety of our passengers and staff.)

SOCIAL DISTANCING: Individuals and groups will be asked to remain at least 6 feet apart while waiting to board, and while on board the train. Train staff will coordinate seating of individuals and groups to maximize social distancing while on board the train. (Please be respectful of and adhere to the seating assignments given to your group.)

OPEN DOORS: In order to reduce the number of commonly touched surfaces, all doors will be propped open OR controlled by an attendant while passengers are boarding the train in order to avoid repetitive touching of those surfaces by passengers.

TEMPERATURE SCREENINGS: Train staff will, as health protocols and best practices allow, be equipped with no-contact equipment to take external temperature readings of each guest boarding a train in order to screen for elevated body temperatures. Per CDC definitions, a person presenting with a body temperature reading of 100.4 °F [38 °C] or higher will be considered to have a fever and therefore not allowed on the train. The Ohio River Scenic Railway will gladly allow any guests being denied admittance due to elevated body temperatures (or other signs of infection per 42 CFR Parts 70 &71) to request a full refund or exchange of their ticket for another departure date that is at least 48 hours after the day of the original high temperature reading.

WELLNESS PROMPT: Passengers will be prompted, either by an automated/electronic system or by one of our staff members, to determine whether or not all individual members of a group are feeling well, immediately prior to departure.

PERSONAL PROTECTIVE EQUIPMENT: In accordance with CDC, state, and local health agency guidelines, all train staff will be equipped with face masks, gloves, and other "PPE" that may be deemed necessary. Passengers are also welcomed and encouraged to wear face masks and gloves aboard our train.



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