I'm old enough to remember when we would all figure out how to get through our daily Owensboro lives without driving on Frederica Street.

My mother was GREAT at that. And no, CROSSING Frederica didn't count. That was allowed...if you looked at it like a game. And, honestly, isn't driving, more or less, like one big IRL video game, anyway?

Well, now that Highway 54 has become the behemoth it has become, folks try to get through the day without IT playing a part. But it ain't easy.

So, I made a proposal...tell me you've been on Highway 54 without telling me you've been on Highway 54.

Admittedly, some are not obvious, but they're still fun...which is more than I can say for driving on Highway 54.

Tell Me You've Been on Highway 54 Without Telling Me You've Been on Highway 54

Some of these answers could apply to anything...IF you aren't familiar with Highway 54. And, yes, even if you are, some might not be obvious, but you'd get there.

The Ten Commandments of Highway 54

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