I will admit.  I was late . . . way late . . . to the Twitter train.  But I am now obsessed.  In fact, the first thing I do every single morning is comb through Twitter to catch up on news, gossip, sports and pop culture.  Yes, I suppose it's safe to say that my morning ritual is a blend of three "S's" and a "T."   LOL!  And I want to share with you five hysterical pages I think every Twitter user should follow.  And here they are . . . in no particular order.


And here's the best part about this Twitter page. You can actually tweet them a photo and they'll turn you into a dog!


#2:  Here are a few sample tweets from another one of my favorites- @_youhadonejob1


#4:  Jaclyn tipped my off to the next one and @JennyJohnson is routinely hysterical. Here are a couple of recent examples.




There you have them! Five funny pages you should follow on Twitter!