The forecast for tonight is near perfection and Friday After 5 is going to be packed.  One of the most popular bands of the series is back in action!  The Louisville Crashers headline tonight's lineup. 

Tonight, 2 Miles Back will be playing your southern and classic rock favorites on the Jagoe Homes Patio Stage from 6:30 to 10PM.

If love acoustic music, you won't want to miss our friend Cynthia Murray at the Atmos Energy Courtyard from 7-10PM.  Cynthia was part of our Denim & Diamonds: Divas! cast this year and blew the roof off the Empress Theatre.  She is incredible!

And Louisville Crashers will cap off the night with their unique blend of pop and bluegrass at the Legendary Party at the Pier from 8-11:30PM.

The party is TONIGHT in downtown Owensboro.

Lots of great music. Lots of food trucks!  Friday After 5 is where the weekend begins.


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