I may not know everything about every Disney movie, but I am pretty park savvy. So, when I was tagged in an article meant to get us hyped about a new Pizza Planet restaurant, I was like...Um hold on.

First of all, I skimmed the article from Thrillist and I discovered the original publish date was 2018. My friends are getting excited about nothing. Always check the date of posts or articles, because social media can trick us all!

You see, this restaurant is already a thing - But it's at Disneyland in California. I know it's probably easy to say, 'Oh, Disney World, Disneyland, what's the difference'? Well, Disney World in Orlando, FL is 838 miles from Evansville. Disneyland, on the other hand, is 2,000 miles from Indiana.

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Alien Pizza Planet officially opened in May of 2019, after a temporary Pizza Planet debuted  during Pixar Fest in 2018. Disney Food Blog is full of great information about the parks, resorts and food reviews.

From the Disneyland Newsroom:

The popular Redd Rockett’s Pizza Port has transformed into Alien Pizza Planet. Inspired by the loveable green Space Aliens from the family restaurant frequented by Andy (and his toys) in Pixar’s “Toy Story,” the Space Aliens have invaded this popular dining spot to deliver fresh, hot pizzas and other items that are out of this world.

So, sadly there are no plans for a Pizza Planet at our closer to home park, but there are many other new eateries set to open in 2021.

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