Holiday World opens for the season on Saturday, May 5th and I am celebrating by sharing my list of the top five rides at the park.  I'm also throwing in some helpful tips on the best places to sit to maximize the thrills and chills.  Enjoy!

#5-  Raging Rapids

This is truly the Russian Roulette of theme-park rides.  You really roll the dice when you climb into a seat on Raging Rapids.  Chances are . . . you will get wet.  You may, however, possibly get drenched.  Either way, you're going to have a blast on this ride.  If you're the one getting water-logged, you are going to roll.  If you're watching your fellow passengers get soaked, you are going to howl!  Here's a fun rider tip I learned years ago at Opryland's version, The Grizzly River Rampage.  If you want to get water-bombed, survey the balance of weight in the boat.  It's been my experience that the side with the most weight tends to spin its way back-first into the most rapids and that's a fool-proof way to get drenched!

#4- The Wildebeest

For eight years running, Wildebeest has been voted the #1 Water Park Ride on the Planet.  Think of it as the love child of a roller coaster and water slide.  It's 1/3 of a mile long and is chock-full of air time.  The ride is just as fun in the front or the back.  Just sit back, hold on and get ready for a "wild stampede through the woods."

#3- The Mammoth

Simply put, THE best water ride I have ever been on.  Mammoth is the longest water coaster in the world.  It is freaking amazing and each seat on the six-passenger boat is just as thrilling as the one next to it.  During the ride you'll face forward, sideways and backwards.  Prepare to scream and get drenched!

#2- Thunderbird

The nation's first launched winged coaster will propel you from zero to 60mph and upside down in just 3.5 seconds.  I have ridden in every seat on this bad boy, but am here to tell you . . . that the front seats are the BEST.  Prepare for a few extra minutes of wait time, but aim for the far right front seat or the far left front seat.  Both offer some really unique vantage points and some amazing twists and flips around the track.  Sitting in the front seat will truly make you feel like you're flying . . . just like a thunderbird!

#1- The Voyage

I have ridden roller coasters all over the United States and this is my absolute favorite wooden coaster.  It beats them all.  It literally feels out of control.  And, trust me on this, the single best place to sit on this ride is the back seat.  The line may be a little longer, but it is absolutely worth the wait.  There's a ton of air time (24.3 seconds of weightlessness) and you are going to feel like you're being dragged behind a 70 mph locomotive.  This is a Voyage you will not forget.

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