Do you remember the old Roger Miller song, "King of the Road?" You know the line, "Trailers for sale or rent?" Well, I could add a new verse.

Well, almost.

I don't think you can actually buy the treehouses that are available for rent as vacation properties at Kentucky's Red River Gorge, but you can sleep.

And what an experience that would be.

I had two friends from my childhood who were AMAZING treehouse builders. One of them, I know, became an architect.

But they were very detailed and, for what they were, extravagant.

But THESE are amazing and what a great idea, right?

The Canopy Crew has designed and constructed actual treehouses with a kitchenette, sleeping quarters, among other amenities.

Check out this feature story from FOXLexington from a couple of years ago:

Red River Gorgeous has added treehouse cabins since then, including a brand new one called The Looking Glass.

When you visit The Canopy Crew LLC's Facebook page, you'll see all the ways the designs have been upgraded in just the last two years.

Treehouses you can rent!




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