Many of us cannot wait for fall to begin. And for some of us, the reason behind that anticipation is the annual pumpkin spice explosion.

In fact, pumpkin spice has SO overridden our collective consciousness, it's now become the source of good-natured jabs. Like the spice itself cares if it's being ribbed.

But here's the thing. I hear tell that there really isn't any pumpkin in spice.

And, you know what, that makes sense. As points out, the key word is "spice."

It's just like apple pie spice. There's no actual "apple" in it.

It's interesting. Never about it like that.

Now...what about this business with canned pumpkin?

Dave Spencer
Dave Spencer

As you can see, that label says "pumpkin" is the only ingredient.

Now, look, we're not blowing the lid off of some big scandal or anything, but I think it's interesting what I've learned about pumpkin spice and now canned pumpkin.

In order to get the sweetness that we all like from pumpkin (a flavor that, honestly, has NEVER bowled me over), SQUASH is incorporated into the pumpkin. goes on to say that "pumpkin" is a term that can be applied to a couple of varieties of squash.

And if they're like butternut squash, I get it. Butternut squash is sweet and SUPER delicious.

So, hey, this isn't tabloid fodder, no, but now we know the story about what's really behind a flavor that so many people love and that evokes the best time of the year.

Oh, and one more thing, I had no idea that dogs liked pumpkin spice.

Dave Spencer
Dave Spencer

I'm told that pumpkin is very good for dogs. I had no idea.

Maybe we should all think about eating pumpkin the way we eat squash.

I bet it makes for an incredible SAVORY dish.




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