I filled in for the ailing Brett Wharff Friday morning. When Theresa Rowe arrived for her Shaped by Faith Friday Morning segment, I asked her if Brett had been playing the them from "Wonder Woman" for her intro. It was a gesture I did for her when I filled in on the morning show after the death of Joe Lowe. She said, "No, and I have missed it".

Theresa fits the part.  She is also filled with the Spirit and when she is on WOMI, either Friday mornings at 7:15, or Friday nights and Sunday mornings, she conveys that spirit through the speakers to you. See if you don't agree on today's Shaped by Faith podcast.

Courtesy Theresa Rowe

In January, Theresa visited with Vicki Sims. Vick's story of how she came to be the woman she is today is a story Shaped by Faith.

Segment One

Shaped by Life: Vicki shares her story of transformation

Segment Two

Shaped by God: Interview with Vicki about her spiritual transformation

Segment Three

Shaped by Fitness: What Vicki Sims did to get Fit