I am SO EXCITED about a new home made Casserole business that will be opening its doors on November 11th! Kim and David Fogle are stepping out in Faith to serve our community home made, always fresh, Amazingly Delicious Casseroles! Did I mention HOME MADE, from Scratch! Their new business is called, Kim's Casseroles.

Kim made me one of her famous, from scratch casseroles to taste. Can I say, "Oh My Goodness!" I tried her Cheesylisous Casserole and it was Cheesydelicious!

Kim and David are ready to start taking online orders on November 11th. All you have to do is call (270) 485-8474 before 11:00 am and you can pick it up the next day ready to serve your family, friends, guests, or just for yourself:) Check out their Kim's Casseroles Facebook page that launches November 1st and their website that will launch on November 11th.

I will be placing a call to Kim, several times before the Holidays are in full swing! The great thing about their amazing casseroles is that they use the freshest ingredients, and there are no added preservatives. You can actually taste the difference!

Since they will be doing plenty of cooking, I decided to give them an exercise that they could do in their kitchen. This exercise is amazing for stretching and lengthening our spine/back and it helps bring circulation and good blood flow into our bodies.

We simply used a really cute dish towel for this exercise.

I hope you enjoy exercising in the kitchen with Kim and David. The next time you step into your kitchen to cook or to bake your new home made casserole from Kim, think about doing a few of these exercises to compliment your meal:)

Remember to stay Active and to eat Healthy foods -Bon Appetit!

Check out more exercises that you can do anywhere at https://www.facebook.com/shapedbyfaith/



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