I don't know much about farming. I can barely keep a small garden alive through much of the spring and summer, but from what I've seen and little I do know, it seems the conveniences of modern technology has had a huge impact on how things get done on farms across the country and around the world these days. Massive tractors that cost five to six times as much as I paid for my home (or more) can plant and harvest fields in a matter of hours, and machines can milk hundreds of cows at once with minimal assistance from we mere mortals. While most farms have embraced the technology and its ability to make things easier and more efficient to maximize returns, there is one farm within driving distance of the Tri-State that still keeping it old school.

The Homeplace 1850s Working Farm and Living History Museum is located inside Land Between the Lake National Recreation Area just across the Kentucky border in Dover, Tennessee, roughly a two hour and 10 minute drive from Evansville. The farm features "interpreters" working the farm just as they would had they been around over 150 years ago. Here are just a few of things you'll experience if you decide to make the trip.

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See the How Life on the Farm Worked in the 1850s Today

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