I know how you feel, kid. It's possible that you have captured the emotions all of us feel in the dead of winter as you try to play basketball. I feel your pain.

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I saw this video trending on Digg and it's so understandable. The video originated on Facebook and through some sleuth work on my part, I know it happened in the Midwest. For the sake of this kid, I won't say exactly where, but think Kansas City area.

Watch his reaction after he takes a shot and see if you can't identify with him.

Feel like you're dying inside? We understand, brother. We get you.

I'd like to look at this as a glass half full scenario though. At least he tried. He went inside and got his basketball, put on his boots and gloves and went out and took a shot. Did it end up getting stuck in that icy net? Yes, it did, but HE TRIED. That's much better than someone like me who is sitting here and watching him make the attempt.

Keep living your life, kid and don't worry. Winter only has a month or two to go. Hang in there.

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