As you know, there are a lot of family-friendly towns all throughout the state of Indiana. However, one town has been named more family-friendly that the rest. Any guesses?

When you think of a family-friendly place to visit, a few things might come to mind. Good food, plenty of attractions, maybe amusement parks, sightseeing, shopping, and other things to keep you and the kiddos entertained. There are no shortages in terms of places like that throughout Indiana. Recently, the travel website, Travel Pulse, released the most family-friendly cities in the United States. They broke it down state by state, and the results for the most family-friendly town in Indiana might surprise you.

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Most Family-Friendly Town in Indiana

Typically you wouldn't associate a college town as a family-friendly town. You might think all there is to do there is tailgate, party, and go to the local bars. However, when it comes to Indiana's most family-friendly town, there's much more than what meets the eye with this college town. Home of the University of Indiana, Bloomington was named the most family-friendly in the state by Travel Pulse.

According to Travel Pulse:

<p>College towns are often hubs of activity, making them fun for students and families alike. That's Bloomington, Indiana, which offers numerous activities for kids of all ages. </p><p>At nearby Monroe Lake, families can rent a pontoon boat or paddle around in a kayak. At Griffy Lake, there's fishing from the shore or from a canoe. There is hiking in Morgan-Monroe State Forest and Yellowwood State Forest and mountain biking at  Wapehani Mountain Bike Park. </p><p>In the city, the Wonderlab Museum offers interactive experiences, the Frank Southern Ice Arena is the perfect place for kids to get their energy out from October through March and climbers will want to try out Hoosier Heights indoor rock climbing facility, with experiences for all ages. </p>

You can see what other towns in each state made the list by clicking here.

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