The Town & Country Neighborhood Yard Sale will take place this Friday and Saturday. You can find some of the most awesome deals of your life and I'd love to share one of mine with you.

Town & Country is located off Tamarack Road behind the old Texas Gas Building. Tons of sales, lots of deals, and as years have gone by a lot of houses will do food like donuts, hamburgers, hot dogs, and drinks.

I attend this sale every year. Six years ago right before I had Charlotte I found the most special item I have ever gotten at a yard sale. I was eight months pregnant with Charlotte and out searching for baby items. I waddled up to one particular house and found lots and lots of boy items and then something caught my eye. A big powder blue dollhouse.

Now, let me give you a little back story, growing up I always dreamed of having a dollhouse just like the one I found. They are extremely expensive. We didn't have the money for one so I used shoeboxes to make rooms or I would set them up on the floor and play. My momma had doll furniture that she had collected over the years because she too wanted a dollhouse one day. So finding the dollhouse was a dream come true.

It didn't have a price so I thought I'll never be able to afford this. The lady saw me eyeing it and came over. She said, "do you have any little girls?" I shared with her one in heaven and one on the way as I touched my growing belly. She shared with me that her dad had built it for her when she was little and they worked on it together to fix it up. It even had electricity. She said she had hoped one day that she would have a daughter to pass it on to and she had all boys so she was getting rid of it. So I did it, I asked and she said "How about $30?" I was shocked! I said "YES!" before I could really even process it all. Then I cried because of all the hormones and rushed home to get Joe.

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My plan is to one day when Charlotte is of the appropriate age to understand the value of the dollhouse to give it a makeover and gift her my mother's doll furniture. Charlotte has seen it a few times and knows it belongs to her. It is stored in our basement for that special day we can bring it out and work on it together.

Now that I have shared my fun story there are a few other things to help you prepare and have a successful shopping experience;

  • bring a wagon or cart
  • do not park inside the neighborhood if at all possible if you can walk park across the street from the neighborhood and walk in
  • bring lots of cash!  You will need it and don't be afraid to bargain with sellers
  • go EARLY!  There will be a ton of people shopping so get an early start and don't miss out!

Happy Hunting and enjoy finding bargains.

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