I've had people tell me that mountain lions aren't really that common in Missouri and Illinois at least near the bigger cities. That's funny because a brand new trail cam video shows a massive mountain lion that's just been spotted near Columbia, Missouri.

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A YouTube channel with only a handful of subscribers called BrokenMonkey just shared a short but sweet 19 second video with this backstory of what their trail cam in Boone County just picked up:

While reviewing my trail camera video I stumbled across this! I frequently swap trail camera cards at night and had just returned from swapping cards just before midnight when I found this. Should I feel uneasy while in the woods?! This is the first mountain lion I have seen on my trail cameras but I have seen lots of foxes, coyotes, and bobcats (along with lots of deer).

Here kitty, kitty...

According to the Missouri Department of Conservation, a mountain lion appearance in the Show Me State is "rare". However, look at all the mountain lion sightings listed on their map.

Missouri Department of Conservation
Missouri Department of Conservation

Not only is this a "rare" mountain lion near Columbia, Missouri, it's also a massive cat. Best to be careful when you're in the backcountry on that next camping trip.

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