We have been told by the state of Missouri that there is an increasing population of bears, but this is ridiculous. A recent video share from 4 different trail cams in Missouri in 4 different locations all show bears.

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Missouri Outdoors just shared this video montage showing all the wildlife that have recently wandered by their trail cams. Yes, you'll see lots of deer which is expected. There are also some turkeys and other wild game, but it's the sheer number of black bears that is jaw-dropping. Based on the video description and timestamp, this footage was shared in September of 2022.

The Missouri Department of Conservation has estimated that the bear population in the Show Me State increases about 9% every year. That guesstimate might be a bit conservative if this new trail cam share is any indication. Sure, this could just be luck of the draw and/or maybe it's a handful of bears who all desire to be video stars. This is anybody's guess.

The only thing we can be certain of is that bears in front of Missouri trail cams is gonna become even more common as they continue to make their habitation in the forests of the state.

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