You don't seem them often, but it certainly doesn't mean they're not there. Recent trail cam videos show that bobcat sightings are on the rise in Missouri.

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I saw a post by the Missouri Department of Conservation on Facebook a week or two ago mentioning bobcats being more common in Missouri than people think.

They're not wrong. Over the past few weeks alone, I've seen numerous trail cam videos that show these tiny, but mighty predators are in the Missouri wild.

But, wait. There's more.

All of these bobcat sightings happened either early in 2022 or late in 2021. The Missouri Department of Conservation's website shows practically the entire state is a common habitat for these fierce cats. They used to be almost exclusive to the Ozarks, but now are everywhere except the metro areas of St. Louis and Kansas City. They mention that they are most likely seen "in heavy forest cover, preferably second-growth timber with much underbrush, broken with clearings such as glades and rocky outcrops."

I saw one comment on Facebook mention that he was trying to call in a couple coyotes recently and 6 bobcats showed up instead.

Should humans worry about a bobcat attack? Nope. The Atlantic mentions a bobcat attack on a human are extremely rare, but they could pose a threat to small pets. They are timid animals that normally avoid where people are, but that isn't always the case as some have been caught in garages.

The chances do seem to be increasing that a bobcat will cross your path in Missouri sooner or later.

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