Barb's hometown of Traverse City, Michigan is making headlines after a carnival ride nearly crashed to the ground with riders aboard.


Last week in Traverse City they celebrated the 95th annual National Cherry Festival.  The mission of the Cherry Festival to celebrate cherries and promote community involvement.  The festival consists of a Cherry Porch Parade where the townsfolk decorate their porches, windows, and yards in celebration.  There is also a Farmers Market where visitors can take advantage of local produce.  They host a hole-in-one event.  Perhaps the most fun of all they have The Great American Duck Rack and Ultimate Dogs where dogs compete in ultimate activities.  For all you beer lovers there is also a beer tent.


A ride that mirrors the former Banshee Ride from Holiday World.  The Banshee was a part of Holiday World until 2003 when Hallow Swings took its place.  The ride is called the Magic Carpet.  Several people caught the malfunction on video as it rotated in the air multiple times and begins to lift from the ground.  Carnival goers and workers noticed the ride nearly tipping and started running to the rescue.  They bravely stood on the edge to brace it.


No riders were hurt and the ride was able to come to a complete stop.  The carnival workers shut the ride off immediately but the way the ride works the momentum kept it rotating until it could slow down.

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