There are never enough ways to honor the women in our lives who raise us, love us, care for us, fix our hurts, wipe our tears, and love us when we are totally unloveable.  However, many families in the Tri-State told us what makes their mom so special.

Some are blessed to still have their moms right here on earth while others hold tight to the memories in their hearts of those precious women who shaped their lives.

Angel here and my momma went to be with Jesus almost 13 years ago this coming July.  I miss her laughter and most of all I miss how very loved I felt when she was around.  She always knew exactly what to say to fix a bad day and if she couldn't fix it I could lay down in her lap and that somehow made the pain go away.  Mother's Day is so hard to celebrate without her but I am truly thankful that God gave her to me as a mother.

Let's celebrate our moms!


Mothers of the Tristate

We would love it if you shared your mother with us.  Head over to the WBKR Facebook Page and drop a picture of her and tell us why she is so special.

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