Angel Here!  As a child I remember my momma talking about puppy mills and how she helped to rescue these poor animals.  This week several animals including dogs, horses, and donkeys were rescued in Indiana.

According to;A local non-profit organization rescues several horses from an alleged puppy mill in Martin County.

A Hoof and A Prayer Horse Rescue traveled to Loogootee Sunday to pick up nine of the horses.
On Friday, Martin County Sheriff’s deputies were called to investigate an alleged puppy mill.  They found around 100 animals in horrendous conditions, including dozens of dogs, donkeys, and horses.
Seventy-three-year-old Julia Arney has been charged with animal cruelty she’s currently in jail being held on a $20,000 bond.
A Hoof and A Prayer says they received a call and decided to help.  When they arrived, they say the horses were standing in waste three to four feet deep.


By grace and love of so many the horses are being loved on, cleaned up, and taken care of by a vet.  There are still many items needed to take care of them and you can help by visiting "A Hoof and a Prayer Horse Rescue" on Facebook or their website.

Let's help these precious animals by giving even if it is only minimal all is appreciated and needed.



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