Nine farms in Dubois County, Indiana have been euthanizing turkeys that tested positive for H7N8, or bird flu.

This one's a little too close to home.

The birds were destroyed even before final results that would determine whether or not they were infected came back.

Hey, better safe than incredibly sorry.

Last summer's spread of the H5N2 virus killed nearly 50 million and turkeys and chickens. Egg prices soared.

While the birds tested positive for the new strain, those are not the final results, which are expected any day now from an Ames, Iowa government laboratory.

State and federal officials aren't sure if the warmer-than-normal December temperatures contributed to the outbreak.

And the virus has yet to be found in wild birds, according to a USDA spokeswoman.

The USDA also wants us to note that while the H7N8 strain is highly contagious for birds, no human infections have been reported or detected.

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