I still say hover boards are not really what they seem. They don't hover at all, they roll. I like to call them a sideways skateboard. The cutesy lights below the feet give the illusion of hovering. No matter how you feel about them, two Kentucky college campuses are banning them.

The University of Kentucky is temporarily banning the devices over safety concerns. The use, possession, and storage of hover boards at all campus buildings including Greek houses, university apartments, and off-campus buildings controlled by UK is prohibited. UK's ban is in effect until more information is gathered on the devices. The batteries on the device have been known to burst into flames so a fire hazard is possible.

Western Kentucky University is banning the devices for all campus and off-campus housing facilities. Signs went up outside the Downing University Center in November reminding students hover boards and motorized scooters were prohibited.

The University of Louisville is also considering a ban

My cousin is a writing professor at Morehead State, and when he asked a student why he had a hover board, they apparently aren't being banned there yet, he said, "so I don't have to walk!" I need an emoji here!

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