Comet and Anya are two dogs that have come into Animal Control, with mange.  They are in need of special foster homes that for the time being can house them away from other animals.

Photos by Another Chance for Animals
Photos by Another Chance for Animals

Comet (on the right) is a Pit Mix who is missing almost all of his fur due to mange. Same for Anya (on the left).  Anya clearly has fur missing, and mange as well, EVACC has her labelled a Shar-Pei mix. Both are battling Sarcoptic mange which is contagious, so they are needing special foster homes who can isolate them while they go through treatment.

If you have the ability to help, Another Chance For Animals will set you up with fostering.  With fostering you only pay for food. ACA will help provide vet care. They need special homes who can isolate them as they go through treatment of their mange. If you are able to help, please contact ACA.

If you aren't able to help Comet or Anya due to their special needs, there's plenty of other dogs in Animal Control right now who need out. They desperately need fosters or adopters to help these animals, so please consider helping if you're able.

Looking at the photos of these sweet dogs with their fur missing is hard, but the good news is mange is treatable. According to Pet MD, Sarcoptic mange is a skin infection caused by microscopic mites.  This type of mange is a bit more challenging since it is contagious, but it is treatable.  You can read about the treatments, here.

My dog George (who I blogged about yesterday) had mange as a puppy, and was treated through the rescue he was at. In photos of him as a pup he reminds me a lot of Comet (pictured above) because George lost almost all of his fur. The good news is,  he has zero lasting effects from it, the only sign of his mange, is he has some scarring on his head, but as his fur continued to grow back in they're not as noticeable now, and he actually has a beautiful coat now. So don't judge these two pups based on first glances. With some medical treatment, and a little love, it will be amazing to see the transformation in them.

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