Back in 2014, after rap star Drake attended Big Blue Madness, he posed for pictures. One of those pictures was with then-recruit Charles Matthews, now a Kentucky freshman. But that was a small no-no.

That kind of contact with a star like Drake is considered a "Level III" violation. At that time, Kentucky reported the violation immediately, and all was right with the Big Blue world.

Fast forward to May 2015.

Drake was in concert in Chicago and there was a party afterward. A member of Drake's management team recognized UK freshman Tyler Ulis, now a sophomore, and invited him to meet the rapper.

Ulis not only got to meet Drake, he got a picture made with him and then he posted it to Instagram.

Welllll, you guessed it, another "Level III" violation. And you can't blame a 19-year-old for wanting to take advantage of that opportunity.

Anyway, the NCAA called it "preferential treatment" and Ulis, in October, was briefly deemed ineligible and then reinstated.

You really can't expect these kids to keep up with stuff like this or even think for one second something like this would be a violation. But it is, albeit minor.

Lesson learned.

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