After unveiling their new logo last week, the powers-that-be at the University of Southern Indiana decided their prized mascot, Archibald Eagle could use a makeover as well, and are looking for your help to decide between two new possibilities.

The current incarnation of "Archie" (in most cases) has him sporting the traditional bald eagle look of brown body feathers with a white head and yellow beak while wearing either a blue or red t-shirt with the letters, "USI" across the front in white, with no pants.

As you can see in the graphic below from the USI website, both versions give Archie a pair of shorts to cover his "stars and stripe" along with a shirt displaying one version of the school's new logo.

Obviously, the most noticeable difference between the two is that version 'B' veers off the traditional look by featuring dark blue body feathers instead of brown.

USI New Mascot Designs

Which do you prefer? Personally, I like the more traditional style of "Archie A", but don't let me sway you one way or the other. Head over to the USI website and cast your vote for the one you prefer.

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