In an attempt to be proactive, the United States Postal Service is already gearing up for holiday deliveries.

Getting Ready

As the end of 2022 creeps closer and closer, that means the holiday season will be upon us before you know it. For the United States Postal Service, now is the time to prepare for the influx of holiday packages and deliveries and they are getting ready.

USPS Processes Packages At Tennessee Facility
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It All Began in January

The USPS says that as part of Delivering for America, its 10-year strategic plan, work has been going on behind the scenes since January to ensure the 2022 holiday season runs as smoothly as possible. The Postal Service has made a number of investments both in personnel and technology in 2022 to prepare for the holiday delivery season.

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More Machines & Handy Tech

Part of the 10-year plan has included the addition of 249 new processing machines that have gone into service since 2021, extending the USPS's ability to process packages to 60 million every day. In addition to the new machines, more than 6,000 tablet computers have been implemented to help process mail and packages.

More Facilities and A Bigger Footprint

They have also added 52 facilities, totaling 8.5 million square feet of space to process holiday packages. In a press release, the USPS says,

These new machines are strategic investments in local community postal infrastructure enabling postal workers to sort and process packages of all sizes more quickly and reliably. By November, the Postal Service will have installed 249 new package processing machines across the nation since the beginning of 2021. This is part of the organization’s $40 billion investment in new technology and facilities under the Delivering for America plan.

USPS Processes Packages At Tennessee Facility
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Moving Mail

As they gear up for the holiday season, the Postal Service says that "performance across all mail categories is strong and steady". They say that the average time for a package or piece of mail to be delivered across the US postal network is just 2.4 days. As a general rule, the United States Postal Service does not receive any tax dollars to cover its operating expenses. Rather the USPS relies on the sale of postage, as well as other products and services, to fund its operations.

USPS Employees

Currently, the United States Postal Service employs 655,000 employees. Of those, they have moved 41,000 part-time employees into full-time positions so far in 2022, and a total of 100,000 part-time employees have become full-time since January 2021. In addition to those 100,000 employees who are now full-time, the USPS is currently hiring 28,000 peak seasonal employees across the country. If you're interested in applying for one of the available positions, visit

[Source: USPS]

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