"Chestnuts roasting on an open fire, Jack Frost nipping at your..." Wait a minute...that's not chestnuts I'm smelling.

Could it be?

It IS...it's a fire log that smells JUST LIKE Kentucky Fried Chicken.

I guess that's better than the smell of BURNING chestnuts (we did that one time when I was a kid; I don't recommend it).

And if you love KFC, it's better than NON-burning chestnuts.

But seriously, though, for the Christmas season, don't you want your home to smell like KFC's eleven herbs and spices?

Because if that's the holiday scent you're going for, Walmart has come to the rescue.

A report from USA Today tells us that on Walmart.com, you can actually purchase a fire log that smells just like the Colonel's legendary chicken.

Of course, you can also get one on KFC's website, too.

Merry Christmas and kudos for making all your guests hungry for chicken when they weren't when they walked through your door.

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