Sometimes you need to be the tough guy even if you're a dog. That point was proven when an Iowa dog was caught on video practicing his mean faces in a mirror.

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This happened a few days ago in Polk City, Iowa. The dog's name is Benson. Here's what his owner had to say about his mirror practice:

I recently started working from home alongside my furry coworker, Benson, a 1-year-old golden retriever. While he is ALWAYS being a ham, this day he was feeling particularly feisty, and it sure shows in the video. I was working and kept hearing him making noises behind me. When I turned around he was making faces at himself in the mirror, and I managed to catch it on video. We have had this mirror in my office since we brought him home as a puppy, and he has just now become aware of himself in the mirror. We sure got a good laugh out of it!

No bad guys are gonna wanna mess with Benson with that kind of scowl.

I agree with whoever came up with the title that if gold medals were handed out for mean mugs in the Olympics, Benson would definitely be a contender.

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