The Rubix cube has been somewhat of a magical mystery for many over the years.  One kid from Owensboro has made it his mission to solve it in seconds and even one-handed. WATCH!

Angel here and as I do I was strolling through Facebook last week visiting different people's lives and came across my friend April Tong Stracener's page.  She had posted a video of her son, Kojo, solving a Rubik's cube and I was literally mesmerized.

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I contacted and asked her how Kojo had gotten into twisting the cube and this is what she told me:

At a family get-together a couple of months ago at Jordan and Sarah’s. One of the cousins (there are 13 of them) had a couple of the cubes there and they made a game of who could get one side done faster. That turned into watching the guys on YouTube speed through and give tips and tricks on what patterns to find in order to solve it faster. Then (Kojo) asked for a speed cube. Those are supposed to help them spin the sections with less force so you can go faster. Ghana prince Kojo and his cousin Easton have been obsessed ever since. They live across the road from us and every time we hang out they sit and race. Easton has gotten his best time down to 24 seconds and Kojo’s best time was last night at 36 seconds. They practice all day long. Even in church I hear “click click click click” and have to snatch it away.  So now, Kojo is challenging himself to solve it using only 1 hand. He’s done it but now wants to work on shaving his time down one-handed.  He grinned so big when I told him you messaged me.  he said “I guess I’m gonna be famous. I’m ok with that.”

Kojo continues to master the Rubik's cube and his mom shared the latest video of him with his speed cube;

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