If you like a good treasure hunt and bargains, Gimme a $5 is finally opening in Owensboro. Here's how it works, the rules, and where it's located.

Gimme a $5 Louisville
Gimme a $5 Louisville

We broke the news back in June of 2020 that this new bargain store would be opening. The pandemic changed all of that. I recently talked to the manager, and coming up on Saturday, March 27th, 2021 at 8AM Gimme a $5 will open their doors. They are located in the old Rite Aide location in Wyndall's Shopping Center in Owensboro. Get there early for early pass giveaways and shopping fun.

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Before you head out to start your treasure hunt, be sure to check out how it works and the store rules.

Can you imagine all of the fun items that would be perfect for Christmas Wish?

There's also a new bargain store that is next store to Gimme a $5. It's pretty cool. Liquidated items from other discounted stores marked way down. Half Priced Bargains is packed with items up for grabs. They were a blessing during this past Christmas Wish season. We had the ability to afford cribs, car seats, strollers, clothing, bedding and other items that families in need were asking for.

It's great to see new businesses move in to this complex.


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