Hey All, Angel here.  Today we are celebrating National Men Who Cook Day.  We are going to be sharing some fun pictures and recipes from around the Tri-State and we want you to share with us the Men in your life who cook and their favorite recipes.

Joe's friend L.D. said he doesn't use recipes but makes his family dinner.  This beautiful picture is Shrimp linguine, tilapia with lemon sauce, fire-roasted corn, basil tomato mozzarella salad with raspberry dressing.  I think I need him to come cook this at our house.


Amber Dawn says she started a tradition with her husband "First year I had him take out the goodies from the turkey and pull the skin from the breast.....now 6 years later, he’s a natural lol"  It is awesome that he wants to be a part of it.

Amber Dawn

Kayla Michelle shared the men in her life who cook on a cooking team together.  I remember seeing them at the BBQ Fest this year.  They each have their own special recipes.  She says " Best cooking team ever! Jeremy, Jared, Jansen, and Johnathan.
They each have their own special recipes for ribs, chicken, and brisket! These guys work hard to make their dad proud! Y’all should come to the BBQ Fest 2020 to try their stuff out!"

Kayla Michelle

John Declue works with my husband Joe and has been a professional chef for many years.  He makes the most divine Butterfinger Cake.  Literally to die for.  However, this week he whipped up a meal fit for a king from the deer Joe killed.

John Declue

Jason Lee told me he loves cooking on a Big Green Egg.  He share his recipe for Over The Top Smoked Chili.

Jamie Kays shared her husband's "famous" nachos.  I went to school with Ralph and I never saw him make anything like this.  I think she must have domesticated him.

Do you have a husband or man in your life that cooks?  We would love to have the recipes.  Send them to us through facebook messenger, post them below the Facebook post, or email them to us wbkrtube@gmail.com.