Ok so for those who may not know this, I am getting married later this year! That being said, I didn’t realize how hard planning a wedding is. A lot more goes into it than I could have imagined. I am learning about things that are part of the wedding that I would have never thought of on my own.

I have been to several weddings over the years and I have been in one or two of them. But that still didn’t prepare me for planning one. It doesn’t help that I am a detail oriented person, so I like to know what is going on during the planning stage so I am not caught off guard.

When my fiancé and I first started talking about the wedding, I thought “oh we need to book somewhere for the wedding, book a caterer, and pick out colors. This won’t be so bad.” One of the things that I failed to think about were all the little details that hold the wedding together (and I am a detail person so when they started rolling in, boy did they roll in!) Now, while my fiancé had an idea of the wedding of her dreams, there were still a lot of things that weren’t nailed down.

What made the process even more “fun” was the fact that when one section of the planning well and looked done, another section wouldn’t work out. This seemed like a never ending circle. From the date not working for the facility to the date not working for certain family members, it was hard to get plans to start becoming set.

Finally, however, things get lined out. The date may have moved two or three times, and the food and music choices may have changed twenty times, but finally everything comes together.

Now that things are finally on track, looking back at the planning, there many lessons I learned. The biggest lesson that I can pass along is to make sure to take the time and talk about everything. Just because you have a vision in your head, that may not be what your future wife/husband has in mind. Communication is the key to planning a successful wedding that both of you will cherish for the rest of your life. And to all the guys out there, don’t blow parts of the planning off because you don’t see them as necessary or because “you don’t care” about that part. Take the time with your future wife and enjoy the process. You may regret down the road if you don’t.

Most of all don’t just enjoy the destination when the wedding gets here; make sure you enjoy the ride to planning it too!