The Wendell Foster Center in Owensboro is about to introduce its residents and patients to a brand new friend.  His name is Milo and he's a robot that will be instrumental in the way children with autism are treated at the facility.

Milo will make his big debut in October.  He's a robot that walks, talks and even models human facial expressions.  And the Wendell Foster Center will be using him in speech and occupational therapy sessions with children with Autism Spectrum Disorder. And, according to a press release, they're the only agency in Kentucky to use the Robots4Autism curriculum in an outpatient therapy program.  And, to get started, Milo initially will be used with thirteen patients.

Among Milo's therapeutic benefits . . . he helps children with autism calm down, teaches behavioral skills, conversation skills and more.   Here's how it works.

If you'd like more information about Milo and how he's used in autism therapy, CLICK HERE!

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