If I get through the Christmas season without devouring at least one sugar cookie, something has gone terribly wrong.

If I get through the Christmas season without gulping down at least one glass of holiday custard, something has gone terribly wrong.

Those are my favorite Christmas treats. Honestly, I have to be care not to down an entire quart of holiday custard, because it's way too rich for that sort of thing. But I am a big custard fan. Whether it's in food or liquid form, I'm there.

But neither of those treats is the top Christmas treat favored by Kentuckians. Thanks to Zippia.com, we now know that, of all things, PUDDING tops the Christmas treat list. Could someone explain this to me? First of all, I like pudding. Pudding is very tasty. But when did it specifically become a "Christmas" treat?

Now, don't start in on plum pudding, which is the pudding I always associate with Christmas. I really don't think this graphic MEANS that. I think it means Snack Pack type pudding. So weird.

I'm more inclined to go with what other states are digging at Christmastime--fudge, for example. My sister makes fudge every year and she always throws in a new flavor. This year, she's made butterscotch and COFFEE flavored fudge. You haven't lived, I'm just sayin'. Oddly enough, only one state--West Virginia--goes in on fudge. What?!?

And I see a lot of gingerbread confections. LOVE gingerbread.

On the other end of the "tradition" scale, we find Skittles as the top Christmas treat in Washington, while Utah can't wait to get its hands on Jolly Ranchers. I'm at a loss.

I guess I'm thinking that if the treat in question is usually consumed year-round, what's it doing on a Christmas-specific survey?

Then again, I don't live in Washington or Utah and never have. And I suppose if you ONLY ate the red and green Skittles and Jolly Ranchers, it can count.

Merry Christmas, everybody. Eat to heart's content. It's part of what this time of year is for.

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