So Thursday night wasn't exactly a "vintage" Kentucky night at the NBA Draft with Jamal Murray going 7th, Skal Labissiere 28th, and Tyler Ulis slipping into the second round at 34.

But what players have made the WORST judgments regarding the NBA. has put that list of five together and cites some interesting reasons for certain players' inclusions.

I'm talking specifically about Alex Poythress, who went undrafted Thursday night. The feeling is that he would have been much better off had he left after his freshman year, something, ahem, not uncommon under John Calipari.

When I thought about such a group, Poythress didn't leap to mind, but I wasn't thinking in those terms, either.

I DID, however, think of Labissiere, Daniel Orton, and Dakari Johnson, all of whom made this list, I learned.

None of them, though, is number one.

And, by the way, ANY kid who goes in the first round is going to immediately receive a fat paycheck and quickly start seeing more money than they ever have in their lifetimes, so these assessments are all relative to how one feels about "money now" versus "long-term."

Click here and take a look at the list.